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2020 Board Election


Michael Carroll

Having lived in Brooklyn for 12 years -- and Flatbush/Ditmas about half that time -- I’m frequently reminded that what makes this borough so great is the strength of its community and institutions. From its people-centric focus to its promotion of nutritious, locally-sourced food, the Flatbush Food Co-op is a pillar of our neighborhood. I would be honored to have the opportunity to help further that mission as a member of the board.

A bit about me: I have a decade of experience building healthcare technologies and sustainable businesses, with my enduring passions being wellness, nutrition and equity. During a recent fellowship, I had the opportunity to visit Bilbao and was amazed how the "world capital” of co-ops leveraged cooperative values to elevate society as a whole. That experience inspired me, and I’m hoping to channel that inspiration into doing more for the Flatbush community.

On a lighter note, I try to grow my own "local & organic” mushrooms in my kitchen cabinet (it’s hard!) and have an esoteric interest in research on mycoremediation and the role of fungi in sustainable agriculture.

Sam Koprak [Incumbent]

Wow, three years have passed and after some substantive reflection, I have decided to again seek your consent to serve on our board. Having a long and solid history of service to our local cooperative community and life experience as an educator, political activist, parent/grandparent, and former bioscience researcher, I pledge to continue providing the sound stewardship, dedication to democratic and transparent practices that will keep our coop on a sound footing. Our board work directs us to operate under Ends policies that promote the "common good.” That is why, cooperatives as democratically owned and operated businesses, are the economic model most trusted by people. I’m proud to say that these values have passed onto the next generation, as my daughter chose to become a founding member of a startup coop in Philadelphia. A few years back we were a father/daughter duo of board directors attending a national cooperative meeting representing our respective co-ops! 

We face an immense challenge in the year ahead, as we battle a pandemic that has put a tremendous amount of pressure on the co-op’s ability to fulfil its role in providing healthy and quality foods and other products to the consumers in our community. The board’s work, in alignment with the illustrious and heroic dedication of our staff during this crisis, has allowed us to stay firm in fulfilling our mission. As we emerge from this crisis, if re-elected, I will commit to continue providing the necessary oversight, dedication to teamwork, and devotion to cooperative values and democratic principles that are an inherent responsibility of board service. Let us go onward to build this vision of cooperation!  
Joshua Leirer [Incumbent]

I believe that cooperatives are an effective form of resistance to the constant world-wide theft by the 1%. Joining the board in January 2019, I have received extensive training in financial monitoring and board governance. The Flatbush Food Cooperative has always sought to provide for the needs of the community by providing organic food and well-paying jobs. A vote for me will provide fresh ideas to the Flatbush Food Cooperative while preserving the progress the FCC has made over the last 30+ years. Please read the voting instructions before voting! 

Michael Magliulo

A healthy life is based on wholesome food. A strong community requires organizations that stand behind the people. Flatbush Food Co-op provides both. To be a thriving market, FFC needs board members that can operate with the current times.

Professionally, I am a Program Manager in an analytics department. Wrangling data to extract useful information has helped improve the companies I have worked with. Opportunities and risks present themselves through observing collected information to the benefit of the organization.
I have experience growing and supporting teams. Strategically planning for the future allows the people working in the organization to focus on the day to day tasks. A well supported and motivated team will surprise you with their creativity. 

From 2011 to 2016 I worked as a managing partner of a food market. This prior experience will provide an advantage when navigating administrative nuances.

Organizational growth, actionable data, and healthy food are an intersection of my interests. I hope to serve on the board to contribute to the continued success of the Flatbush Food Co-op.

Edward Pegues Jr. [Incumbent]

My name is Edward Pegues Jr and I’m excited to run for reelection to the Flatbush Food Co-op Board of Directors! I have been a member for over 25 years and a director since 2001. I have served as the board Treasurer, Vice-President and President.

I am seeking your approval to another term. We are facing a difficult time and it is important that the co-op survives and being a board member allows me to contribute.
I am proud of the work that the board and I have accomplished. We expanded from our previous location at 1318 Cortelyou Road to our present location which has three-times the retail space. In addition, we implemented the Patronage Dividend System which gave the co-op a tax benefit and the member-owners a share in the profits. 

I was the first African American elected to the board.  I believe there is a need for diversity on the co-op board because our member-owners and shoppers come from diverse backgrounds. They need and should have representation in how their co-op is governed.

If reelected, I will continue to work hard to bring continued success to our co-op. 

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